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Why to Join Sports Betting Social Network
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Social media define a big part of everybody's life nowadays. From Facebook, Twitter and Instagram we are all over social media. They help us connecting with each other, sharing moment of our lives with friends, learn the news and basically everything we want to know.

Amongst the various social media, sports betting social network is also growing every day. This is a competitive business and people need to stay updated about the market. Joining a sports betting social medial has its advantages. People like to share their experience in different situations. Such platforms enable punters to discuss situations that they face every day in betting, exchange information on bookmakers’ practices, finding value bets and many more. Challenging each other in their predictions, bettors actually do become better.

Another advantage to being a member of such a network is keeping track of your performance. Key to improving is analyzing how you’ve done before. Social networks that specialize in sports betting usually have detailed statistics that show you performance by time period, bookmaker, sport, league, odds range and many more. This way, you can discover that posting right before the event, you have been more successful than in the cases you have predicted something way ahead of time.

Apart from keeping track of the performance of your tips, you can also keep track of the bets you have placed on other people’s predictions. You can track their picks, with the actual stake and odds you took, and find out how much you’ve made from others. To wrap it up, it is a great place to keep track, get feedback on your betting tips and look for others to get betting advice from.

Blogabet is one of the biggest sports betting social network with over 150 000 active members. All of them can find thousands of free picks every day as well as all kind of different information they need. If you join sports betting social network for example and you don't know which bookmakers are the best you can always ask other member for advice. Blogabet has reviews of all biggest bookmakers on the market including their pros and cons, and every user can leave a review as well. This means that all opinions are 100% reflecting the reality and based on every user experience. Except bookmakers reviews, members can give you some valuable advice how you can use your bonus with different bookmakers.

Many of the bookies have bonuses and different promotions, but all of them are coming under some specific conditions. For example, to be able to withdraw your bonus, you have to play with it a specific number of times. These times differ, according to the bookmaker and the size of the bonus. Also, there might be other restrictions - like betting with higher odds (usually higher than 1.5). Or, in some markets like Draw No Bet,it is not allowed to use your bonus for instance.

It is important to find reliable sports betting social network, where you can find as much information as possible and you know tipsters there are good such. Blogabet is one of the biggest platforms with huge member base. To join you simply need to sign up on your computer or phone and start exploring the gambling world.

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